Get Involved

Think it's okay to just sit there and idly click around our site? Think again! Volunteer!

Costume sewers

Those gorgeous costumes don't sew themselves. If you're handy with fabric and thread and love to see your artwork on display, we've got fun projects for you!

Ground Crew

When your legs are this long, normally routine tasks become rather difficult. Ground crew duties include recovering dropped stilt ties, passing water bottles, and providing basic safety-related services (helping stilters through doorways, mopping up dangerous puddles, keeping an eye out for the nearest steady sitting-spot, etc.).


You won't find shy women prancing around, eight feet tall in colorful costumes. We love attention! We promise to ham it up at evey photo opportunity.

Start your own stilt group!

If you don't live close enough to play with us, and you're interested in starting your own stilting performance group, we'd love to hear about it!

Contact Hijinks Stilts for tons of ideas and loads of encouragement.