Getting Up

We get started on little one-footer stilts and support from our friends. You'll be sitting on something as you tie on your stilts (we often use can tell which vehicles have been sacrificed for the cause by the dents in the roofs). Get tied in securely, then think of a little tune that's got good rhythm. Using your friends, stand and take your first steps. Be sure to lift your feet in a marching step to help you avoid tripping, and keep those feet moving! Singing your song is a little piece of magic that make it all flow better. When comfortable, let go of your support with one hand and then the other. Once you're used to spinning around on your trainers, make taller stilts.

Stilting Together

Hanging out together on stilts is great fun. At times, we've had a standing practice time to meet in the park. Anyone interested and able shows up with her stilts, ideas, food, music, etc. We share ideas then get up on our stilts to play with movement. Music can inspire and make you comfortable with moves you didn't know you had! Once you've got your feet moving, try making use of your arms and hands to make you even grander!

chicks on sticks at powderhorn park, minneapolis